ISO 28000: Supply Chain Security

Infinite Security Solutions (ISS) with its global network provides Consultancy, Management, Implementation and Operation of Supply Chain Security Management including Risk / Vulnerability / Consequence studies, Training, Security Assessments and Plans.

Risk and Security apply to all aspects of trade globalisation whether it is the facility, products, people (manufactures, logistics etc), information or transportation. In an endeavour to provide a solution to the ever growing threats (fraud, piracy terrorism and theft) to supply chains worldwide the ISO created the ISO 28000 Series standardising security issues throughout the supply process. ISO 28000 can be applied to all industry sectors:

  • Aviation - Aircraft and Airports
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Distribution and Logistics (including Parcel and Freight Forwarders)
  • Food, Confectionary and Beverages
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas Ports and Terminal Operators
  • Retail
  • Road and Rail transport
  • Service industries, including Building and Property Development
  • Ships, Barges and Liner Operators

ISS can provide Consultancy services on all of the aforementioned industry sectors. It is also now being implemented across Port Facilities and Terminals.

ISS can aid your organisation in understanding, developing, interfacing and implementing risk and security solutions, policies and procedures. Irrespective of your Organisation's current status or circumstance ISS can develop and implement pertinent documentation through the various stages to attain ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security accreditation.

The aim of such accreditation is to:

  • Improve Supply Chain Security Management Systems (if already in place)
  • Establish, implement and maintain standardised Supply Chain risk & security measures
  • Ensure continuity throughout entire Supply Chain process
  • Safeguard people, goods, infrastructure, equipment and information within the Supply Chain

ISS has extensive experience in the field of Risk and Security which allows for its ease in identifying threats, assessing risk, implementing code compliant security measures, training and carrying out internal and/or external audits for the purpose of ensuring continual compliance under the standards set forth in ISO 28000.

ISS can also provide pre-audit surveys and gap-analysis reports on your current Supply Chain Security Management System in advance of Re-certification.

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